Legalize Marijuana! Save California!

California is expected to reach an all time high state deficit of $42 billion in 18 months. Instead of ending school sports program, cutting funds for the homeless or closing state parks, legalize pot! California stands to gain $1.3 billion from marijuana a year not to mention saving an extra $170 million a year for the arrests, prosecution and incarceration of marijuana offenders. Not to mention it is far more safe than alcohol, which is more like an opinion and also another topic for next time. It is far too simple and easy to let an opportunity like this just pass us by. An overwhelming amount of Californians smoke pot so why not take advantage of all that extra money? Legalize Pot! Save California!

So what i propose for this 30 day experiment is to go out and purchase a reasonable yet different amount of marijuana everyday that I can and try to get an idea of how much the average Californian will spend on pot each month. The only catch is that i have to do this as legally as possible. So the only way to purchase marijuana legally in the great state of California is to apply for a Cannabis Card for medical marijuana. With the help of some of my close friends, I am going to try and come up with a better way to help cut this California deficit.


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