November 7, 2009

On Saturday November 7, 2009, my friend Jason made a trip to the cannabis club and purchased a quarter of a delicious shipment that had just come in called Granddaddy Purple, and let me tell you! The Granddaddy came out to $110, with a state tax of $10.18 which brings the day’s total to $120.18, and a grand total $169.34.


My First Purchase, November 6, 2009

On Friday November 6, 2009, I made my first legal marijuana purchase. I bought a gram of Sour Diesel and an eighth of White Widow. All together the weed came out to $45, and tax was $4.16, for a grand total of $49.16. We are on our way to cutting this deficit.

My First Trip to the Cannabis Club

On Friday November 6, 2009, my friend Jason took me to my first cannabis club. It wasn’t exactly what I had imagined – which was something similar to a local smoke shop – instead it was very simple. After walking through minor security and filling out minor paperwork, I turned the corner and there was a bar lined with huge glass jars filled with different strains of marijuana. They had everything from Urple Purple Urple to OG Kush to White Widow. It was extraordinary! Other items available for purchase were edibles such as brownies and cookies, marijuana drinks (single or double shots), marijuana lotion, and hash oils to mix in with your pot.